Macau Gambling Trip from Hong Kong

Hey, greetings from Macau. Today I’m taking a day trip here around Macau from Hongkong. Currently I am at the Venetian hotel and casino.

Check out the backdrop, it looks amazing, it looks like venice, this is amazing.. But before we explore, let’s go back from the start and see how I got here. All right there’s a few ways to get to Macau a Helicopter ride a ferry service or the upcoming car bridge that connects Hong Kong to Macau But today we’re going to use the ferry, which is the more affordable option so firstly if you are coming by a MTR you need to get on the island line towards Kennedy town and alight at Sheung Wan Station Once there Head towards Exit D for the Macau Ferry Terminal The two major Ferry services are by Turbo Jet or Cotai Water Jet Today I picked Turbo because its.. Turbooo A one way ticket cost approximately $170 HKD depending on the day of the week and it’s about a 40 minute ride to Macau Don’t forget your passport though We just got off the ferry here We’re in the terminal here in Macau.. If you have one day in HK you can spare, come down here for a day trip into Macau.. cause its pretty cool If you’re looking to explore macau for the first time, grab a map here..

The Shuttle bus terminal is just outside and with most hotels and resorts offering free shuttle busses to their locations.. well I think its time to get on board and enjoy the scenic tour of Macau Now that we’re up to speed welcome to the Venetian Macao Okay, so currently we are in the Venetian food court area, oh my gosh, there’s so much selection here there’s tim ho wan There’s obviously a macau traditional food as well. Take a look Holy…There is so much selection here. Anyway, since I’m in Macau, I’ve got to try some of their traditional local food here as well So one of them is a pork chop bun just right around the corner here. Let’s check it out. Oh My god looks so good..

I mean its made into like a burger brioche here and Wow It’s fried really well, and I just can’t wait to try it. There’s a couple of bones in it So just be careful when you’re eating Let’s try the meat Oh my god that fat On the pork, on the side here. Oh, it’s just beautiful So good. It’s good though, but the bread’s kind of dry so Don’t really like the bread but the pork’s pretty good. Hmm I mean who doesn’t like pork chop right For me I got myself tim ho wan, so what I ordered.. this one is basically Cheong Fun With prawn, so I’m pretty sure you guys check out the street food that we tried.

So this is the the good cheong fun I also got the beancurd with the prawn as well.. I love my prawn Tim ho wan is actually one star Michelin dim sum restaurant there’s a branch all over the world and one of them is actually in Sydney, Nick: That’s right but you know this is the original 🙂 That’s right. So if you tried Tim Ho Wan in Sydney and you try Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong and or even here….

I’ll tell you once you tried dim sum in Hong Kong. You’ll never go back Dip in some chili as always. We love our chili Tell you dim sum here.. is just out of this world Wow, what a great lunch currently we’re still in the Venetian here, we’re gonna check out some more places around here Currently we are in the great hall section of the Venetian check out the deco art right above me Wow And the casino.. is just….right there So this place has everything pretty much So if you were coming down here too, obviously you shop your hearts out for the luxury high-end brands. They’ve got everything here Got Hugo Boss right there they’ve got obviously the eiffel tower too right here.. fake one..

This is like casino land. There’s another casino there… There’s another casino there you and hey look There’s another Eiffel Tower here. Yeah, we’ve been talking about Eiffel Tower. Actually, there is a huge one right here behind me So we were in the Venetian just now and then the Four Seasons and now we’re in the Parisian So it’s just a mall that connects everywhere.

That’s awesome. And again, it’s all the high-end brands and all that good stuff around here So we’re gonna check out the level seven Eiffel Tower here. Alright Okay, so made it up here to level 37 of this man-made Eiffel Tower, oh my gosh 360° views towards Macau. This is amazing. Check it out You know the scary part about being up here is that there are holes underneath here. you see through that Like the ground floor.

So there’s literally nothing underneath us here except for planks and stuff. So Hey Scary right Okay, so next up is senado square right behind me here there’s a place called ruins of st. Paul I want to check that out I also want to check out some of the town center here all the food and stuff like that So check it out. First stop. You gotta try the Portuguese egg tart So as soon as you arrive in senado square, there’s a pastry shop called pastelaria Koi Kei This shop is very famous with their Portuguese egg tart as well as their snacks Which is like almond cookies and also beef jerky, pork jerky There’s a lot of snacks that you can basically buy and take it home. Let’s try it..

There’s a lot more flavor on this one than the Hong Kong ones It’s also a lot more crispier on the edges here as well. This is really really hard and crunchy But the flavors there absolutely Ah its really really hot..taking a little breather here But the one that you just saw just now it’s the ruins of st paul..used to be the St Paul’s College right behind me here, but due to fire accident in 1835. This is what remains of it. There’s nothing behind it anymore So the only structure remains it’s just this beautiful structure here right in front the facade which why a lot of people are taking photos Just in front Yeah so before you leave macau make sure that you check out this place, its called Koi Kei Bakery you can buy any snacks which is made in macau..

Specially like this one. This is almond cookies! You can basically just try every single one and pick which one you want There you guys hopefully you enjoy the Macau day trip here as always Thank you so much for watching. And if you guys enjoy it hit the like button leave a comment.